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Why don't you book a call - Specific & Focused time.

" Focused - progressive!

This was the best use of our time - On the call I felt prepared at ease and we got all my questions answered during the first call - The best part was that we had both set aside time so we could both give undivided attention to our current challenge.

L Roy

Booking a Call was good for me - was so easy and I had a fast return of assistance, I did like the fact that I could choose what was best for me though!

Peter Allan


Have any questions? You can quickly reach us using the information provided below.

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+44 (0)1159309068

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be covered in the Call?

The floor is yours! - Please ensure you have had a look at our blog posts and have a good understanding of where we can and cant help. We will of course guide you to the best possible resources (if we can't help ourselves).

Budgets, Timeframes, Current Applications, Challenges, Potential Solutions, Next Steps, Other Competitors offerings (We are not scared to discuss, we know were we stand and what they do well)

Do you offer a prepaid onsite consultancy call?

We do offer a onsite call out to drill down deep on solutions, this is a prepaid visit and we don't do this for everyone as it will only benefit action takers and a select few others. Ask when on the call and we will see if this is a best fit for you.

Prices start at £395+VAT

Can the call be longer than 15 minutes?

We can automatically carry on the call beyond 15minutes if there is space available (you can see in the booking slots) if not we can book another time together to finish the conversations and get all your questions answered.

What do I need for the call?

The choice is yours!

Computer (for a video call- if you prefer one)


Notes of your current research etc.

65 Wellington Street, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 7BE, UK.

Call: 44(0)115 930 9068


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