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Gravel Board Moulds

+ Timber Frames

Our Gravel Board Moulds and Frames will set you apart from the your competitors.


Rockface Gravel Board Mould12 Inch Gravel Board MouldsGravel Board Mould and Holder
12 Inch Plain Gravel Board Mould
12 Inch Heavy Rockface Gravel BoardRecessed Gravel Board Mould Angles
12 Inch Recessed Gravel Board Mould12 inch Gravel Board MouldsVibration Table with Gravel Board Mould and Holder
Gravel Board Moulds

"Long Life Gravel Boards and Frames

If you want your Gravel Board Moulds to last then you must mount them in a high quality Frame.

You can be confident with your new moulds and frames because we go to great length to make them nothing but the best for you. We specifically choose a oversize timber and cut and plane it down to an exact size. Having a square, straight and stiff frame to give the longest lifetime possible is a must. We use timber which is not prone to warping or susceptible heat deformation. We pre-drill and countersink our holes with a Computer Controlled Machinery and use only the best screws to resist the intensity of our Vibration Tables.

Our Gravel Board Mould Frames are future proof. We design the base to allow for stacking, airflow and to integrate with Roller Conveyors. This allow you to have the confidence that your purchase is good for now and any future developments.

We supply 1000's of moulds to some of the roughest and finest companies in the UK - We know what works and why - That is where 50 years experience becomes invaluable to you.

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